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We’re excited about our 2017-2018 Season Line-Up!

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September 16, 2017: BethAnn Hepburn

Hepburn, BethAnn.jpg

Exploring Pathways for Process

Journey down many pathways to develop musicianship and literacy with the Schulwerk in your classroom.  Move as the impetus to process a song with Dalcroze quick reaction activities, and use movement as a starting place for student elemental compositions.  Explore using speech to develop ensemble skills, rhythmic awareness, and as the basis for improvisation.  Sing and play with material suited for grades K-6 with a focus on improvisation and composition.  Lessons will focus on several pathways the teacher may take to build skills with children. 

Clinician Bio: BethAnn Hepburn teaches 4th-6th graders at Henry Defer Intermediate School in Streetsboro, Ohio.  She has the distinction of Master Teacher from the Ohio Department of Education.  She is a teacher education instructor for the American Orff-Schulwerk Association and is on the faculty for Orff certification courses at The University of Hawai’i, The University of the Arts Pennsylvania at Villanova, and New York City ETM.  BethAnn is a frequent presenter for Orff chapters throughout the United States, and has trained teachers in China, Scotland, Singapore, and India.  She is the past PD chair for AOSA, and current PD chair for General Music for OMEA.  BethAnn is on the Board of Trustees for the American Center for Elemental Music and Movement.  She is the co-author of Purposeful Pathways, Possibilities for the Elementary Music Classroom Books I-III.



October 28, 2017: Sanna Longden

Sanna Longden 2.jpg
Multicultural Singing Games and Ethnic Dances for the Music Classroom

Sanna will teach accessible and enjoyable music games and traditional dances from a variety of peoples with emphasis on cultural background, elements of music and movement, as well as encouraging creativity, curricula connections, cooperation, civility, and community through social-emotional learning.

Material covered is appropriate for teachers of kindergarten through college as well as special education, geriatric programs, and integrated arts.

Clinician Bio: Sanna Longden is a well-known, long-time world dance educator.  Her series of instructional DVDs and CDs are sold worldwide.  Co-author with Phyllis S. Weikart of Cultures and Styling in Folk Dance (High/Scope Press, 1998), and with Wendy Taucher of Making Music with Movement and Dance (Pearson Education, 2006), Sanna is also a clinician and contributing author of Silver Burdett/Pearson Making Music textbooks.



January 20, 2018: Back to Basics: Building Blocks of Orff-Schulwerk



Presented by Betsy Kipperman & Laura Petersen

Are you ready to learn more about Orff-Schulwerk or know someone who would benefit from it? Our “Back to Basics” workshop is just the thing if you want the basics before deciding to plunge into Level 1 training. This workshop is free for all interested, you do not need to be a MAC-AOSA member to attend! That’s right, you heard us correctly, the workshop is FREE!



February 24, 2018: Chapter Sharing

See our local talent shine as they share some of their best ideas and activities in this always fun workshop! Interested in sharing? Let us know!



March 17, 2018: Russell Nadel
Russell Nadel
Yes, Really: Fun with Uneven Meter and Polymeter for Kindergarten on Up

Is your classroom instruction stuck in 4/4, 3/4, and 6/8?  Kids love catchy rhythms, and aren’t scared of unusual or overlapping meters!  Come dive deep into kid-friendly, accessible, super-fun repertoire, and be ready to move, sing, play instruments, and create in activities and lesson processes that are sure to grab your students’ attention.  You don’t need to be a master drummer or experienced Balkan folk dancer to enliven your classrooms with metrically adventurous music and movement– if you have an open mind and a playful spirit, you’re ready to rock!

Clinician Bio: Russell Nadel earned an M.Mus. in Music Composition and a B.Mus. Ed. from the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, Maryland.  Mr. Nadel has written commissioned compositions for a wide variety of local, regional, and national-level ensembles, organizations, and solo performers, and has compositions featured on four commercially-available CDs.  He has won numerous composition prizes, including the 2017 and 2010 Ben Steinberg Guild of Temple Musicians Young Composer’s Awards, First Place in the 2013 Mu Phi Epsilon Original Composition Contest (Division III, Class A), the 2011 Ruth Boshkoff Composition Prize sponsored by OAKE, and others.  Two of Mr. Nadel’s choral works were published by Hal Leonard in the prestigious Henry Leck Creating Artistry Series, and his vocal work Shabbat Cycle was published by Transcontinental Music Press (a division of the American Conference of Cantors).

Mr. Nadel completed his Orff-Schulwerk Certification (three Levels plus the Master Level) at George Mason University (Fairfax, VA), has taken numerous additional Orff-Schulwerk supplemental courses in the United States and Ghana, and taught recorder performance and pedagogy and special topics to Level I students at the Winthrop University Level Course in Rock Hill, SC, in the summer of 2017.  Mr. Nadel is currently serving as the Past President of MAC-AOSA, and has led several professional development workshops for AOSA chapters and public school districts around the country.  2017-2018 will be his seventh year in the role of Middle School Music Specialist at The Potomac School in Alexandria, VA.



April 14, 2018: Meg Tietz

MegTietz2012Planning Programs with Purpose

The performances that are put on by a music teacher during the school year are one of our major ways to communicate to our parents, teaching colleagues, and administrators what is happening within our classroom on a daily basis.  Additionally, with limited time in our schedules to make these programs a reality, it is essential that material is carefully chosen to support our curriculum instead of detracting from it.  This workshop will focus on different ways one might construct a program to fit within various constraints while still giving opportunity for student ownership, creativity, and joyful artistry and without sacrificing valuable teaching time.

Clinician Bio: Meg Tietz teaches K-5 music at Bay Elementary School in Seabrook, TX.  Meg completed her Masters Degree with a concentration in Orff Schulwerk at the University of St. Thomas in 2009.  She is an active presenter for local and national workshops and conferences and teaches Orff Level I and Level II at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.  Meg is the current President of the Texas Gulf Coast Orff Chapter.