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We’re excited about our 2019-2020 Season Line-Up!

2019-2020 Workshops for Website


September 21, 2019: James Harding

The Dot and the Line

As teachers, we are always seeking ways to connect the dots, our dots being the elemental concepts of music and movement, the students, and a repertoire of songs, games, and dances. This workshop will present activities in rhythmic speech, poetry, instrumental ensemble, creative movement, and dance for the music classroom, with an emphasis on how they connect to creative exploration with the elements of rhythm, form, pitch, dynamic, tempo and timbre. We will also play directly with dots and lines, experiencing some of the many ways that simple props can lead to visual and kinesthetic understanding of musical concepts.

JHardingPhoto copy

Clinician Bio: James Harding teaches children ages 3 to 13 at The San Francisco School with long-time colleagues Sofia López-Ibor and Doug Goodkin. He haspresented workshops throughout the United States and internationally, and is on the faculty of the San Francisco International Orff Course. He is the author of “From Wibbleton to Wobbleton: Adventures with the Elements of Music and Movement” (Pentatonic Press, 2013), a collection of music and movement lesson ideas focusing on creative play.


October 5, 2019: Dr. Angela Broeker

The Bridge to Somewhere: Teaching Musicianship Skills Through Choral Repertoire

Though many of us teach musicianship skills in our general music classes, we often teach choral music to our students using traditional rote teaching. In this workshop, the musical material in choral octavos suitable to elementary and middle school singers will serve as the basis for skill-building activities. We’ll extract this material from the score (“the way in”) and present it in a way that simultaneously builds skills and prepares the repertoire for performance. Much of the repertoire used will represent choral traditions from around the world.

Clinician Bio: Angela Broeker was recently hired at Western Washington University FY18 Headshotswhere she conducts three choirs and teaches undergraduate courses in choral methods.  Before this appointment, she was Director of Choral Activities at the University of St. Thomas for 20 years during which time her choirs performed at national, regional, and state conventions of the American Choral Directors Association and toured extensively in Asia, Europe and South America.

Dr. Broeker received her D.M.A. degree from the University of Oklahoma and her M.M. and B.M.E. degrees from Indiana University.  Her research interests include authentic, respectful performance of music from diverse cultures as well as the exploration of varied vocal colors that are possible with this repertoire.


January 25, 2020: Betsy Kipperman Sebring & Laura Petersen

Back to Basics: Building Blocks of Orff-Schulwerk

Are you ready to learn more about Orff-Schulwerk or know someone who would benefit BetsyLBPheadshot (1)from it? Our “Back to Basics” workshop is just the thing if you want the basics before deciding to plunge into Level 1 training. This workshop is free for all interested, you do not need to be a MAC-AOSA member to attend! That’s right, you heard us correctly, the workshop is FREE!


February 22, 2020: Chapter Sharing

See our local talent shine as they share some of their best ideas and activities in this always fun workshop! Interested in sharing? Let us know!


March 14, 2020: Drue Bullington

Music and Movement at the Museum – with Ukuleles!

Have you ever looked at artworks and pondered ways to bring them to life through music and movement? This workshop will awaken these possibilities within your classroom and enliven your students’ relationships with music and art through the media of Orff Schulwerk.

We’ll explore some pieces from Music for Children Volume I and Van Gogh’s Starry Night. August Herbin, a lesser known but fascinating artist will give us an opportunity to create some of our own artworks and then perform them! Finally, we’ll come to Wasily Kandinsky and learn about synesthesia and how music inspired him to become one of the first abstract painters. We’ll take some of the shapes from one of his abstract paintings and discover a piece from Music For Children Volume IV. We’ll use the model to create mixed meter pieces of our own. 

….and ukuleles will be infused into the learning throughout the whole day! 

So bring your ukulele, your soprano and alto recorders, and your adventurous artistic self as together we create Music and Movement at the Museum – with ukuleles!

Clinician bio: Drue Bullington teaches elemental music and movement at Brownstown Head Shot DrueElementary School in Conestoga Valley School District in Lancaster, PA. Bullington is twice a graduate of West Chester University of Pennsylvania where he received a B.S. in Music Education and a M.M. in Music Education with a certification in Orff Schulwerk. Drue holds a second master’s degree from Wilkes University in Online Teaching and Learning with an Online Educator’s Certificate of Endorsement from the state of Pennsylvania. He has also participated in advanced Orff Schulwerk studies and an apprenticeship program in Orff Schulwerk at George Mason University.

Drue has taught in several Orff Schulwerk Levels Certification programs around the U.S. and offers numerous professional development and workshop sessions on elemental music and movement through the Orff Schulwerk Approach, elemental music and movement applications in the classroom, incorporating technology, and integrating the soprano ukulele into the K-12 music classroom. Drue serves on the board of directors of the American Center for Elemental Music and Movement.  Drue and his wife, Elise, live in Lititz, PA. They enjoy an active life filled with traveling, culinary adventures and volunteering in their community.   


April 25, 2020: Cyndee Giebler

Mining the Volumes

The Music for Children Volumes contain many hidden gems. Unearth these musical treasures with a variety of experiences that are child centered and artistic. Sing, dance, and play your way through this gold mine!

GieblerClinician Bio: Cyndee Giebler lives and teaches in northeast Wisconsin. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and completed her master’s degree at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn. She has presented workshops for American Orff-Schulwerk Association chapters around the country as well as state, regional, and national conventions. In her spare time, Cyndee enjoys composing and arranging music for classroom use, children’s chorus, and elementary strings.