Scholarships & Instrument Loans

Summer Study Scholarships

MAC-AOSA offers three scholarships annually for educators interested in professional development during the summer, the Brian Powilatis Scholarship, the Brigette Warner Scholarship, and the Diversity Outreach Scholarship. These can be used to fund Levels training, Supplementals work, or other Orff-Schulwerk related study (i.e. Summer Study at The Orff Institute, etc.). An information sheet with further details may be found hereOne application is being used for all three scholarships and all application materials are due by May 15, 2020.

Brian Powilatis, the late husband of MAC-AOSA Past-President Joyce Stephansky, was Brian Powalitisknown for nurturing talent in his own workplace. As a husband, he encouraged his wife to pursue her dreams of education in the Orff-Schulwerk world.  Although he was not a music educator, he fully understood and believed in the Orff approach to music education. This scholarship is specifically designated for a teacher who is interested in pursuing Level I training.

Brigette Warner was a noted pioneer within the American Orff-Schulwerk movement.  InBrigitte Warner addition to founding and tirelessly nurturing our chapter, she was a long-time music teacher at The Key School and wrote one of Orff-Schulwerk’s seminal texts, Orff-Schulwerk: Applications for the Classroom.  While this scholarship will prioritize levels study, applicants who are pursuing masterclasses or other supplemental work will also be considered.

Like our parent organization, MAC-AOSA recognizes the need for a diverse population of Orff-Schulwerk trained educators so that our membership within the chapter, national diversity scholarshiporganization, and profession generally, more closely aligns with the demographics of the students we teach in order for our students to have multiple windows and mirrors in their lives.  Established in 2020, the purpose of the MAC-AOSA Diversity Outreach Scholarship is to provide financial support to teachers from underrepresented backgrounds or those who work with diverse populations to further their training in Orff-Schulwerk. While this scholarship of will prioritize levels study, applicants who are pursuing masterclasses or other supplemental work will also be considered.


Graduate Credit Scholarships

We also offer a Scholarship for Shenandoah Graduate Credit. The deadline to apply for this was September 30th, 2019.


Scholarship Opportunities From Other Sources

Check out the AOSA and ACEMM Websites for other scholarship opportunities!


National Conference and National Membership Raffles

Our chapter offers financial support to attend AOSA’s National Conference and to join our parent organization, The American Orff Schulwerk Association.  All members present at the first and second workshops of the year are eligible for these raffles.


Chapter Instruments

MAC AOSA also has a Bass Xylophone that you can apply to borrow for use in your school for the academic year.  In exchange, you agree to bring the instrument to all Chapter workshops. Applications were due September 30th, 2019.